Oakland Safety Compliance Program

Easy, always-up-to-date tools to help Oakland businesses safely reopen & revitalize


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About the Program

Funded by the Richard King Mellon Foundation, OBID has partnered with Qualaris to bring you The Oakland Safety Compliance Program – a new safety program designed to combat COVID-19.

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Implement safety guidelines with digital tools and spot checks, share what you're doing with your customers, and get support from OBID.

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How does the program improve safety?

The program is focused on helping businesses in four key areas:

  1. Quickly and reliably implement current guidelines
  2. Simplify quality assurance checks
  3. Automate real-time reporting
  4. Communicate with safety marketing tools

I saw a Support Oakland sign. What does the badge mean?

Badges represent different milestones each business has achieved. You can read more about the qualifications for each badge here.

My business isn’t in Oakland. How can I participate?

We’d be happy to help you achieve the same high bar for safety as we do for the Oakland area of Pittsburgh. Contact Qualaris for more details.

Who’s putting this program together?

The Oakland Safety Compliance Program is a collaboration between several partners: